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About ChemSW

ChemSW is the world leader in chemical inventory management software systems. Founded in 1991, we have continually set the standard for the cutting edge in system development. ChemSW’s wide range of products enable companies to streamline laboratory processes and reduce chemical purchasing and disposal costs.

Our sharp focus on chemical inventory management has enabled us to develop and maintain unparalleled domain expertise. We have achieved consistent annual growth by continually integrating feedback from our customers and upgrading our products to meet their evolving needs. With over 15,000 customers at 3,500 installations in more than 40 countries, we deliver experience, support and upgrades to customers worldwide.

ChemSW serves major customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, petrochemical, food and environmental industries as well as colleges and universities. We offer a complete range of systems to meet the needs of every application, in both regulated and non-regulated environments. We provide system configurations that meet the needs of the smallest desktop application to the largest multinational enterprise. As a result, our software is installed in thousands of laboratories throughout the world, from the smallest of chemical stockrooms to the largest enterprise environments.

We maintain a comprehensive R&D program, coupled with rigorous usability testing and quality control processes. We continually integrate feedback from customers and upgrade products to meet evolving customer needs. We offer world-class, outstanding support through an experienced, dedicated customer service staff.

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