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CISPro Enables Labs to Significantly Reduce Operating Costs

Manage your chemical inventory more efficiently, reduce your expenditures, increase productivity and drive a rapid Return-on-Investment with CISPro

Chemical purchases and management are often perceived as being a small percentage of overall operating costs, while in reality they can have a significant impact. CISPro enables you to optimize your laboratory’s performance by managing your chemical inventory more efficiently.

Every company incurs quantifiable costs for equipment, materials, labor, liability, safety training and compliance efforts at every stage in the chemical inventory management life-cycle. Putting a monetary value on each of these items helps to quantify and thus to understand the actual costs and the true impact of chemical inventory at your organization. Implementing CISPro has helped laboratories around the world receive a handsome Return-on-Investment (ROI). CISPro enables laboratories to:

CISPro has been optimized to provide an increasing rate of return in direct correlation to your container count.
  • Improve chemical inventory process efficiencies
  • Increase researcher productivity
  • Significantly reduce chemical spend
  • Reduce chemical waste and disposal expenses

Improve Chemical Inventory Management Efficiencies

The typical laboratory has thousands of chemical containers in inventory. In addition to chemicals and reagents, laboratories may also have gas cylinders, radioisotopes, biomaterials, equipment and instruments, waste containers and lab supplies. When many different people are using these materials--and if the laboratory does not track this usage in real-time and provide real-time visibility--laboratory operations can rapidly spiral out of control and costs can mount.

CISPro has been designed to optimize inventory processes to better manage workflows and improve efficiencies. Faster physical inventory reconciliations and optimization of other inventory management processes not only reduce costs but provide efficiency gains as well.

On average using CISPro, a survey of users report a physical inventory event to be more than 4 times faster and reconciliation can reach accuracy of nearly 100 percent. Furthermore, chemical inventory reports are optimized by delivering accurate and timely details while providing an average of 75% greater man-hour efficiency to generate them.

Increase Researcher Productivity

One of the most important goals of any laboratory is to optimize researcher productivity. This is best done by improving process workflows so that researchers can stay focused on mission-critical tasks. CISPro helps deliver efficiency gains in the laboratory by optimizing chemical inventory management processes such as inventory receiving, ownership and location transfer, reconciliation and disposal processes.

Across the board, CISPro enables labs to standardize and often automate these processes, and thus realize significant workflow efficiencies that enable researchers to be more productive. And, the less time researchers spend obtaining, requesting, searching for, disposing and reporting materials used for their tasks, the more time they spend doing tasks that contribute to the organization’s bottom line.

Significantly Reduce Chemical Spend

Organizations can significantly reduce the amount of money being spent on chemicals by optimizing the processes needed for efficient chemical inventory management. These costs are reduced through more efficient chemical availability, thereby reducing unnecessary spend, and providing better storage space utilization. On average, our customers have reported about a 10% reduction in chemical containers and about a 12% reduction of required storage space required for their chemicals.

Find out how CISPro can help to significantly reduce chemical spend and drive inventory management savings at your facility.

Reduce Chemical Waste and Disposal Expenses

Without an efficient chemical inventory system—whether a manual checklist or an unsustainable software solution, chemicals will not be used in a timely manner. More chemicals will be ordered than necessary causing greater chemical waste and disposal expenses. Again, getting control of chemical inventory is critical to effective cost management.

CISPro enables labs to eliminate duplication and reordering chemicals already in-house, delivering better shelf life tracking and management. This in turn reduces the number of chemicals on site and thus reduces overhead costs. In addition, by using CISPro for tracking chemical expiration dates researchers can prioritize chemical consumption, thereby reducing waste and disposal costs.

Discover how CISPro can help your organization realize a very attractive ROI and enable your lab operations to perform more efficiently: contact our Business Services professionals to discuss Chemical Inventory Financial Analyses today.

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