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Hand Held Chemical Inventory Management with CISPro® Mobile

Mobile and hand held devices streamline chemical inventory management

With CISPro Mobile, you can quickly and easily perform all possible inventory operations - including not only moving, disposing, transferring inventory and changing the container owner, but also reconciliations and fire code reporting of container data – from a handheld device. CISProMobile enables labs to reduce the time and effort required to perform inventory processes.

CISProMobile leverages handheld devices to simplify and expedite inventory processes. The interface enables not only direct communications with CISPro but also a richer user experience since users can now access data entry fields for all parameters in the scan as well as perform multiple tasks simultaneously. In addition, CISProMobile provides the entire history of the scan, allowing users to back out of a process and delete information if something was not initially scanned correctly.

Mobile Solutions for Faster and More Efficient Remote Lab Management

  • Streamline inventory tasks using real time capabilities
  • Reduce the time and effort required to perform inventory processes
  • Improve efficiency of reconciliations
  • Perform inventory tasks remotely, accurately

Inventory systems are only as good as their last update. The longer it is between spot checks, the more likely the inventory information in the main database will differ from what’s actually in your facility. It’s very important to do spot checks to reconcile the two. CISProMobile can greatly improve the efficiency of performing reconciliations.

In addition, certain tasks don’t require the user to be in front of a full browser. For instance, the stockroom manager may only want to know who has something or where a container is. Using a handheld device, the manager can quickly check the status of the item by scrolling through the intuitive menus.

*Functionality of CISProMobile may vary between versions of CISPro.

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