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3E MSDS Management for CISPro

Seamless Integration of MSDS Management

Integrating MSDS management with chemical inventory management can resolve many of the challenges involved in ensuring access to accurate data. 3E MSDS Management for CISPro is an integrated solution that enables CISPro users to automatically retrieve desired MSDS’s using 3E’s extensive range of MSDS solutions which provide 24-7-365 access to a database of millions of MSDS’s such that only the most relevant MSDS is referenced.

Manage Multiple MSDS Effortlessly

The average R&D laboratory may have 50,000 materials on site and each one requires an MSDS. In addition, those MSDS are frequently updated by the supplier, meaning that the laboratory manager must keep track of not only where each MSDS is and which MSDS need updating, but also any new MSDS that need to be attached to new chemicals being ordered by the lab. Keeping up with those changes can be a complex and time-consuming task.

The integrated 3E MSDS Management for CISPro solution helps users manage and maintain current MSDS’s worry-free and can help companies transition to industry changes such as the new GHS compliant format.

Automatic, Transparent MSDS Updates

Using the integrated solution, Lab Managers and EH&S professionals can provide users with rapid, automatic access to the most current MSDS for any material on site that’s in their CISPro database. From within the CISPro application, CISPro users can now automatically retrieve the latest MSDS’s from 3E’s database, thus facilitating compliance.

The integrated solution also shows MSDS-related product status information. For instance, companies will be better able to ensure that toxic substances are managed, stored and used correctly. No more searching through binders of documents and replacing outdated MSDS paper files. This integrated solution removes a tedious, time-consuming management burden by automating the entire process.

The 3E MSDS Management for CISPro solution enables rapid, automatic access to the most current MSDS for any material on site that’s in the CISPro database. Transparent to the user, the CISPro application polls the 3E database for updates. When a new MSDS is acquired by 3E or an existing one changes, it is imported to CISPro; the default setting is to automatically receive the current MSDS for all chemicals received in the lab via CISPro. When these tasks are not provisioned electronically, someone must acquire the MSDS manually; the integrated solution takes all the manual effort out of the equation. Even better, the CISPro application can be set to proactively search the 3E web application for MSDS associated with material before the lab receives it.

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