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Biological Tracking Module

Maintain traceability and location of biological samples of all types

Biological materials are traditionally difficult to track because they vary greatly in size, storage, and information needs, and they are easily propagated. As a result, traditional chemical inventory approaches don't apply well to biological materials.

Biologicals and chemicals have very different storage management needs. Freezer sample management, for example, is challenging in the typical biochemistry lab. Restriction enzymes, cell lines, culture samples, active compounds all have different identifying characteristics, and in most cases the quantity is not relevant. Often a researcher simply wants to know which freezer box holds the enzymes they need ("Where can I find Hind-III?"), or where a cell line is located ("Where can I get a sample of human endothelial cells HDMEC?") -- not how much is on hand. Thus, the biologicals inventory system needs to accommodate not only traditional inventory functions found in chemical tracking solutions but also biological-oriented features.

CISPro's Biological Tracking Module enables biologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, and other biological researchers to easily maintain traceability and location of biological samples of all types. Freezer management, inventory counts, sample location, barcoding, and informatics are all be available together in a single, intuitive interface.

The module delivers the ability to easily split samples and maintain the parentage of all samples is crucial. Integration with hand-held devices allows researchers to easily update freezer inventory in a fraction of the time it takes to perform the task using paper clipboard logs.

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