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Fire Code Reporting Module & HMIS Classifications Database

Produce accurate documents formatted to meet code requirements for HMIS, IFC and NFPA

CISPro’s Fire Code Reporting Module and HMIS Fire Code Classifications Database help users meet evolving Hazardous Material Inventory Statement (HMIS) reporting requirements.

Code specifications throughout the country are currently being consolidated, requiring many companies to change the way in which they issue Fire Code reports. At the same time, enforcement efforts have intensified, making report accuracy more important than ever. Additionally, biotech and pharmaceutical companies are producing more chemicals as a result of automation, generating more regulatory attention.

These software modules produce accurate documents formatted to meet both International Fire Code (IFC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code requirements. The HMIS Fire Code Classifications Database provides values for over 6,600 potentially hazardous chemicals.  Report compilation is easy and can be set for automatic report generation.

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