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Regulatory Lists Module & Ariel Global Chemical & Regulatory Content

Meet regulatory control requirements quickly and easily

Laboratories that handle regulated chemicals and toxic substances are required to submit regulatory reports about those materials. Typically, this is done through management of in-house Regulatory Lists that match regulated materials against specific regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Lists are collections of CAS numbers used to identify pure chemicals by regulatory controls. Available with CISPro Global and CISPro Live, the Regulatory Lists Module allows users to meet regulatory control requirements quickly and easily by managing in-house Regulatory Lists that are linked to regulated materials in the CISPro database. This module allows you to upload your own list of CAS Numbers, match the list to the chemicals in inventory, and provide customized reports to ensure regulatory compliance.

3E Company's Ariel™ Global Chemical and Regulatory Content takes management of regulatory lists to the next level. The Ariel Global Chemical and Regulatory Content database contains nearly 800 regulatory lists covering thousands of data elements spanning more than 75 countries around the world. These comprehensive regulatory lists are fully integrated with CISPro, delivering automated, rapid integration of regulatory lists with CISPro database content. With this unique solution, users have instant access to up-to-date information about regulated chemicals on site, whether in the lab or on the production floor.

The integrated solution automatically flags chemicals that are subject to regulatory control by CAS numbers and associates those chemicals with the regulatory controls that affect them, such as SARA, Tier II, OSHA, DHS, and EPA as well as international regulations. This capability enables companies to meet regulatory control and reporting requirements quickly with minimal effort regardless of where the facility is located, whether for a single site or for multiple sites at a multi-national corporation.

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