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Mass Spectrometry Desk Reference Tool

An invaluable Mass Spec tool for improving your results.

Be able to

Have at your fingertips

  • Communicate more effectively through written and oral presentations
  • Write improved papers
  • Verify that you are utilizing the correct terminologies
  • Select the appropriate terminologies for your specific applications
  • Avoid archaic and misused terminologies
  • Understand and utilize the appropriate formats and conventions
  • Submit higher quality proposals
  • A complete list of correct incorrect terminology
  • Important formulas and equations
  • A thorough overview of modern instrumentation and techniques
  • A comprehensive bibliography of mass spectral publications
  • Where to find information on any topic in mass spectrometry

Mass Spec Desk Reference Tool

By: Prof. O. David Sparkman

Buy-Now The recent explosion of applications with mass spectrometry to solving problems in chemical and biomedical analysis requires scientists from all disciplines to become conversant in the language and symbolism of mass spectrometry. Failure to do so can result in confusion, misrepresentation, and significantly diminished communications; both written and oral. This concise desk reference is compiled to give newcomers and seasoned practitioners the information they need to successfully communicate ideas in mass spectrometry.

Whether you are a newcomer, teacher, manager, or experienced practitioner engaged in mass spectrometry, you will find this handy desk reference and invaluable tool for improving your results.

"Mass Spec Desk Reference is reasonably priced, nicely produced, and very clearly laid out. Both the Index and Table of Contents are detailed, and simplify quickly locating desired material. About 30 URLs are given, and allow a reader to easily integrate information from the World Wide Web with the more conventional print media citations. Mass Spec Desk Reference serves two functions--a bibliographic resource and a writing guide. It belongs not just on the desks of mass spectrometrists, but also those of our collaborators and clients." - Dr. Phil Price | Union Carbide Technical Center | Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry Dec. 2000

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