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Herbal Pharmacological Database™

Research Bioactive Phytochemical Compounds and More


The Herbal Pharmacological Database contains 3-D structures of 200 Bioactive Phytochemicals and many structurally unusual compounds. Over 100 source species are represented, including the 40 most widely used herbs. Fifteen physical properties are also included in the Herbal Pharmacological Database, calculated with Molecular Modeling Pro QSAR studies.

The Herbal Pharmacological Database contains considerable fields of data including references with even more information. Use this database to enhance your own database of molecules.

3D Chemical Structures, Source Information, Substructure and More

  • Geometry optimized 3-D chemical structures in MMP, Molfile, SDF format or MDB
  • 15 chemical and physical properties calculated by Molecular Modeling Pro
  • Source information (in nature)
  • Information on:
    • Therapeutic Uses
    • Toxicity
    • Botanical Names
    • Geographic Origin
    • Synonyms from Herbalism (as practiced in different countries)
  • Database can be used for QSAR studies using Molecular Modeling Pro Plus or other software capable of reading ASCII files or the SDF file format
  • Substructure or similarity searches can be performed with Molecular Modeling Pro Plus
  • Data can be edited and/or updated in Molecular Modeling Pro Plus

File Formats Required:

Requires software that can recognize one of these formats: DAT, CSV, SDF, MDB

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