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Vitamin & Nutritional Database™

Examine 3-D Structures of Vitamins and Nutritional Substances


The Vitamin & Nutritional Database contains 3-D structures of 100 nutritionally important substances, in addition to many compounds for which nutritional claims have yet to be substantiated. Data include chemical and physical properties.

The Vitamin & Nutritional Database contains considerable fields of data including references with even more information. Use this database to enhance your own database of molecules.

Vitamin and Nutritional Database Features

  • Geometry optimized 3-D chemical structures in MMP, Molfile, or SDF format
  • Empirical chemical and physical properties along with values calculated by Molecular Modeling Pro (QSAR studies)
  • Information includes all recognized:
    • Vitamins
    • Amino Acids
    • Carbohydrate Energy Sources
    • Mineral Supplements
    • Artificial Sweeteners
    • Colors
    • Other food ingredients
  • Database can be used for QSAR studies using Molecular Modeling Pro Plus or other software capable of reading ASCII files or the SDF file format
  • Substructure or similarity searches can be performed with Molecular Modeling Pro Plus
  • Data can be edited and/or updated in Molecular Modeling Pro Plus

File Formats Required:

Requires software that can recognize one of these formats: DAT, CSV, SDF, MDB

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