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NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Database (NIST08), NIST MS Search, and Enterprise NIST MS Search

True Client/Server Functionality Enables Limitless Simultaneous Multiple Users of the NIST08 Database

ChemSW has a long history in Enterprise Client/Server database software and as a distributor of the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral (MS) Database.

Now, with Enterprise NIST MS Search, multiple users can access the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Database and other databases located on a network server, without a limitation on the number of workstations that can access the server. New user-generated mass spectra databases (User Libraries) can be added to the Server at any time for access by Clients without a need to reinstall the program.

  • License Compliance is Simple

    Enterprise NIST MS Search controls the number of concurrent database accesses. Regardless of the number of workstations on the network, labs will always be compliant with NIST08 license requirements. In addition, labs can share custom databases without fear of unauthorized access.
  • Greater Flexibility

    Client/Server functionality adds a level of usability, accessibility, and security for proprietary data simply not possible with non-Enterprise versions of the software.

    The standard NIST MS Search Programs run on a single computer that is only accessible by the one user of that computer. If a lab wants to provide access to more than one user at a time, the lab must buy multiple copies.  A single-user license cannot allow all users to have the program simultaneously installed on their computers. The tradeoff is reduced productivity.

    With Enterprise NIST MS Search, this tradeoff is eliminated. A single master copy of the database resides on the Server while copies of the Client program are available on all individual computers, but only the licensed number of users has concurrent simultaneous access.

    A true Client/Server approach such as Enterprise NIST MS Search allows access by all users without having to go to the expense of adding copies of the Database programs for everyone who uses them.

    No other vendor offers a true Client/Server solution for the NIST MS Search Program and the NIST08 MS Database.
  • Allows Multiple Users

    The great advantage that this new Enterprise NIST MS Search solution offers is the ability to allow multiple users in the lab access to the important reference data simultaneously.

    Previously, labs were not able to allow this level of multiple accesses unless the company purchased multiple licenses.

    Enterprise NIST MS Search delivers instant productivity gains for lab personnel as a result of being able to access the databases whenever desired, regardless of the number of other users.
  • Accurate License Control

    ChemSW's Enterprise NIST MS Search solution controls access by the number of concurrent licenses you buy for the system.

    If you have five people who need to use the database but at different times, you don't have to buy five licenses.

    You buy only the number of licenses needed for concurrent usage. As a result, your company is compliant with NIST licensing requirements. Best of all, you can easily upgrade to more licenses over the phone. It's quick and easy, and organizations that take advantage of this superior solution can expect improved productivity.
  • Leverage Economies of Scale

    NIST08 and the NIST MS Search Program are mission-critical tools for lab personnel using mass spectral data for applications in such fields as drug discovery, environmental, forensic or industry. Organizations that take advantage of Enterprise NIST MS Search can leverage economies of scale to control costs, better manage licensing, and improve laboratory productivity.

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