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Monitor Drinking Water Chemical Treatment Quickly and Easily


Water!Pro is a water quality modeling program designed to evaluate most chemical treatments that are applied to drinking water. A valuable tool for water treatment operators, plant managers and engineers, Water!Pro helps users evaluate and respond to varying water quality conditions. The program can be used for new process design as well as for upgrading existing water treatment plants.

Use of Water!Pro can reduce operating cost, capital expenditure, design time, and risk of treatment failure as applied to processes such as corrosion control, coagulation/flocculation, metal precipitation, and disinfection. Water!Pro is also a unique program for evaluating and determining best available treatment for lead and copper corrosion control.

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This versatile, time-saving tool can:

  • Automatically determine water stability indices (Langelier index, CCPP, Aggressive index, Larson Ratio, Ryznar index, and Buffer index) for calcite, aragonite, or vaterite solids
  • Automatically determine lead, copper and zinc solubility
  • Provide lead and copper guidance for specific treatment(s)
  • Automatically adjust water characteristics for various water temperatures
  • Automatically predict changes in water characteristics after chemical addition


Water Treatment Chemical Analyses

  • Calculations - calculates the effect of more than 35 common water treatment chemicals
  • Precision Calculations - considers ion complexing, ion pairing, thermodynamics, activity coefficient, and more for precise calculations
  • Plots - plots aluminum solubility diagram and operating point for coagulation/flocculation process
  • 3D Plots - plots two and three dimensional solubility diagrams and contour diagram for lead solids
  • Graphing - specialized graphing worksheet for evaluating lead and copper corrosion control, corrosion indices and important changes in water characteristics for applied range of chemical dosages
  • Lead and Copper Guidance - specialized worksheet incorporates EPA guidance manual that automatically provides specific treatment(s)
  • Blending - specialized worksheet for blending two waters for determining new water characteristics
  • IronMang - specialized worksheet for determining stoichiometry of iron and manganese oxidation for chlorine, ozone, oxygen, chlorine dioxide, and potassium permanganate
  • Chlorination and Ozonation By-Products - empirically based models for predicting Trihalomethanes, Haloacetic Acids, Chloral Hydrate, and Bromate

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