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Financial / Business Analysis Services

Our experts gather information to understand your existing operations and workflows for the integration of CISPro

ChemSW's Financial/Business Analysis service is chartered to document a thorough analysis of your chemical inventory and tracking processes. We work closely with you to determine the requirements necessary to ensure a successful CISPro implementation or streamline an existing installation for maximum efficiency.

Our business analysts gather information to understand your existing operations and workflows for the integration of CISPro's application functionality. Our in-depth expertise in chemical inventory management helps ensure a comprehensive analysis to ultimately help you operate more efficiently, profitably and sustainably using CISPro.

The analysis documents the scope, timelines, and cost estimates for the implementation of CISPro. Included with the analysis is a projection of the cost savings and Return-on-Investment(ROI) from your CISPro chemical inventory management system.

We ensure that your CISPro-based chemical inventory management process will meet your specific needs.  Our experienced business analysts will help define the parameters of your new CISPro system and ensure it will perform the required functionality you seek. If you already have a CISPro system, we can help you review and provide recommendations to optimize it for maximum efficiency.

Our experience from hundreds of implementations ensures our business analysts can deliver the technical and functional expertise required for maximizing the benefits of CISPro technology. We work with you to ensure that your CISPro system will deliver the expected operational and financial benefits in a timely manner.

Our extensive domain expertise in Chemical Inventory Management includes the ability to understand and resolve issues for your project's technological and functional needs and balance them to your laboratory's resource parameters.

Optimize Functionality and Workflow with Expert Guidance and Best Practices

  • Professionally document and define your system by experienced business analysis specialists who know chemical inventory and laboratory asset management technology the best.
  • Increase process efficiency with proven Best Practices techniques.
  • Identify project and process unknowns including hidden assumptions
  • Document As-Is and To-Be process workflows
  • Align chemical inventory processes with available resources
  • Create an inventory solution based on your unique requirements
  • Develop accurate project cost estimates
  • Calculate projected financial benefits, including savings and ROI
  • Manage CISPro project on time and within budget
  • Ensure inventory process work-flows function efficiently
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